Derek Sanderson Derek Sanderson #16
Born 6/16/1946
Niagara Falls, Ontario

25 Goals
33 Assists
58 Points
From the Bruins 71-72 Yearbook
Derek didn't lead the Bruins in goals, assists or penalties last Winter. . . But he did have the distinction of being the only player to make a movie... It is doubtful if many hockey fans will get to see the movie because it wasn't budgeted for first-run theaters Sanderson kept himself occupied in off-hockey hours with his own weekly TV talk show, appearing as a guest on national TV talk shows and with his business enterprises, a couple of popular Boston watering places... As for his hockey, he had his best season pointwise... His 29 goals and 34 assists were career highs ... Derek wore a mustache last Winter to become the first N.H.L. player with lip dressing since Toronto's Garth Boesch, in the late 40's ....... He is not married.
Derek Sanderson

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