Rick Smith Rick Smith #10
Born 6/29/1948
Kingston, Ontario

2 Goals
12 Assists
14 Points
From the Bruins 71-72 Yearbook
Rick Smith has all the attributes of a solid major league defenseman with one addition . . . Although a left shot, he plays either side equally well . . . This makes him more valuable because Coach Tom Johnson is not afraid to throw him into the game to take over either a right or left defense. . . Rick plans to be a dentist some day .. . But right now he has wanderlust . . . Right after the unexpected end of the Stanley Cup playoffs, Rick took off for a trip to the Barbados . . . He was only back in Boston long enough to pick up some clean clothes and he was off again to tour Europe . . . It's a great experience for a 23 year old.
Rick Smith

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